Glossary of terms

Technical terms simply explained

NCS, Natural Color Systemcolor ordering system published by A. Haard in 1972 as a Swedish standard; is also accepted, with restriction, in Germany parallel to DIN 6164; the parameters are blackness s, whiteness w and chromaticness c in 100 stages each as well as hue ö in 400 stages, which every 100 stages show one of the 4 elementary hues original red, original blue, original green and original yellow; not compatible with CIELAB.

Neugebauer equations équations de Neugebauer mathematical description attempt by  Hans E.J. published between 1935 and 1949 of the autotypical color blending of the four process colors with each other and with paper white as well as of the conditions for the production of color separation files/prints (filters, color correction, spectral sensitization of the film material).

neutral neutre designation of a gray absolutely free from any color cast.

neutral point, origo, illuminant locus point neutre/achromatique white point of an illuminant (on the monitor as well), also paper white when illuminating a white paper surface.

normal inking encrage normal the inking in halftone printing at which the highest possible chromatic saturation with the best possible differentiation of the half tones vis-à-vis the solid tone; precondition for maximum printing contrast.


nuance nuance chromaticity coordinates; comprehensive designation for a color perception combining the attributes hue, brightness and chromaticness.