QC-solution for all instruments

The Windows software TECHKON SpectroConnect, included in the content of delivery, establishes the connection between the measuring device and the PC via the USB connection or via a WLAN connection (optional with SpectroDens). Data processing of the measured values on the PC is very comfortable and data can be transmitted directly to Microsoft ExcelTM or any other application with editing function.

The program also serves to remotely control the device for settings, lock functions, perform updates and save the display content for documentation purposes. In addition, TECHKON SpectroConnect offers fast and easy exchange of digital color libraries, as well as measured references and samples. It is also possible to import and export color data in standardized CxF format.

Depending on the device type, SpectroConnect also includes a wide range of other applications, such as:

  • Modules for creating printing and plate characteristics
  • Full colorimetric quality control
  • Check for compliance with ISO standard 12647
  • Evaluation of digital prints according to PSD
  • Proof control by evaluation of the Fogra media wedge
  • Conversion of CIE L*a*b* color values into CMYK dot percentage values and RGB values based on ICC
  • Comparison of two colors with reporting function
  • Evaluation of test charts for ICC profile calculations
  • Tool for checking and certifying the device specification

Almost all modules have a report and print function to document the results. With the characteristic modules, the data can be output in Harlequin or ISO 18620 format and thus imported into all modern RIPs.

When using TECHKON SpectroPlate, the program can perform metric measurements in the high-resolution video image and save the image in jpg or png format. The program supports 14 languages and includes the manuals of the supported devices in PDF format.
TECHKON SpectroConnect, despite its valuable and cost-reducing use as a universal quality control agent, is included free of charge in the content of delivery of all TECHKON devices of the Spectro series.