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SpectroConnect supports the export format ISO 18620:2016

The TECHKON software SpectroConnect now supports the exchange of tone adjustment curves between different applications on the basis of the international standard ISO 18620:2016. This is a standardized but simply extensible format for applications like color management, calibration and raster image processor systems. Prerequisite are transfer curves created with SpectroDens or SpectroJet.

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Have an espresso with SpectroDens

ExPresso Mini is a SpectroDens feature that shows print density trends as a bar graph. Press operators can use this capability to track trends across multiple sheets or across the press width. It is a simple tool to help maintain print uniformity. You will find details regarding this powerful function in the manual on page 46.

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New features for download free of charge

If you have a SpectroDens device, we have good news for you. Just download new practical features free of charge. The new measurement function for the quality control of spot colors SCTV (Spot Colour Tone Value) can now be used with all SpectroDens units having color displays. The useful feature Average Measurement is now available for all devices. The PhotoLab Module for colorimetric quality control which is embedded within the software SpectroConnect also works with the Advanced version of SpectroDens.

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TECHKON SpectroNeo – Precise color measurement On-The-Go

The compact spectrophotometer SpectroNeo revolutionizes mobile color measurement. Just position it on the sample and press the measurement button. The measured color values are transferred instantly to a smartphone display or via cloud-computing to every location, where quality data is evaluated. We design your specific solution including your personalized smartphone app, in order to give you a perfect color quality system working at any time and any place.

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TECHKON ChromaQA – Report your success

ChromaQA is a comprehensive color quality software solution that provides packaging and commercial printers with a powerful set of tools. ChromaQA utilizes a client/server architecture and allows printers with a single press, multiple presses, and even multiple print facilities, to remotely create, manage and monitor customer jobs in real time or at the completion of a press run.

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Our core belief: Erfolg ist messbar
[= success can be measured]

30 years of experience in the development and manufacture of high quality measuring instruments have made us a competent partner and leading solution provider for color measurement.

We are an innovative company, which is managed by its owners in the second generation. Values such as reliability and long-term orientation are reflected in our corporate culture and our services. 

We are your partner for print quality

The key to good printing is quality assurance. Checking and measuring each and every process step from pre-press to the final print product will lead to success. This philosophy expresses well in our slogan Erfolg ist messbar [ɛɐ̯ˈfɔlk ɪst mɛsba:r] which can be translated as “success can be measured”. 
Thanks to their exceptional user-friendliness, high measuring accuracy and reliability, TECHKON measuring devices are prominently represented in all areas of the printing industry. And TECHKON is more than a developer and manufacturer of high quality measuring instruments and software solutions: The team of qualified application consultants supports you individually in selecting the right product. We also offer seminars on current topics of measurement technology and quality assurance.

We measure color and more ...

The InnovationLab transfers TECHKONs expertise in measurement technology to new markets and applications.
One core area is to provide solutions for exact color capturing and communication for mobile devices. The ColorCatcher product is one successful example for these activities; positioning TECHKON as a leading innovator for mobile color and image analysis solutions.


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